When a second too long, Is a second too late! For all of us.


The NANO-FM is a virus filter mask for use by the front line of workers in emergency services, and use by the general public. The filter material is rated for viral filtration with an effectiveness of 99.9% and a reuse life of 30 washes per mask with proper care. Outer material is fire resistant.

All testing is conducted in accordance with the US FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Regulations (cGMP)

The Nano-FM masks are developed in West Virginia, USA, and made in Ohio, USA.


LRS Fire Beacon

The long-range sensing fire beacon is a mostly-dormant field sensor that only activates in the presence of fire. It is tailored for use in isolated outdoor environments.

Crisis Response System

From a university in Virginia to an ongoing project developing solutions for a future inspired by creators of the “Wave Extinguisher,” We are designing a more comprehensive “Sense & Respond” system for emergency response in situations where a second too long could be a second too late.

ARSAC Tech creates robust systems to tackle the management and mitigation of crises. We leverage modern technology, creative thinking, and active innovation to empower crisis management teams with end-to-end solutions.

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