“We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through the darkness to a safe and sane future.” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Guiding Light

We embrace the community. The world is not every person and every nation for itself. We stand in a world where we stand together or fall apart. We don’t believe in borders and strive to make our community stronger and safer for the masses.


Compassion is our purpose, our commitment, and dedication. It is the root of everything that we do and everything that we believe. Compassion in the workplace, compassion for our causes, and compassion for those served by our products.


We demand integrity. Our industries of focus, are ones where integrity is a requirement. We look for integrity in our employees, our business partners, and our clients who use our products.


We believe in a sustainable future. Our vision is one where we create a safer and better world for the future generation of our children and beyond. They will inherit the world we leave behind.