The NANO-FM is a virus filtering mask for use in the front line of workers in emergency services, and use by the general public. The filter material is rated for viral filtration with an effectiveness of 99.9% and a reuse life of 30 washes per mask with proper care.

Nano-FM products defend & mitigate against a wide range of airborne droplets that can carry many viruses including COVID-19.

Fabrics are engineered with a patented filtration core designed to defend against respiratory airborne droplets defined as high risk. The Nano-FM is made with a high strength washable PPE mask filtration fabric construction that delivers superior durability and maximum usable life while reducing the risk of infection. It has excellent breathability designed for all-day use while delivering active work and lifestyle functional performance.

The Nano-FM is a reusable mask, designed to be washed with soap and water so that it is suitable for extended use with proper care. It reduces dependence on non-sustainable, single-use, disposable masks, and other emergency masks that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Viral/Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (VFE/BFE)

The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have issued guidelines for staying safe during the pandemic. Their guidelines can be found here.

Why should I use the Nano-FM?

We are an American company. Your products are coming from within the USA. No customs, or long shipping times for purchases within the USA. We can get your mask to you as fast as possible.

Lately, the mask market has been flooded with masks that offer little to no protection from the concerns at hand. Our mask is purpose-built for viruses. Our nanofiber filtration cores, filter down to .o2 microns and are reusable. 

Does the Nano-FM come in sizes?

Yes, the Nano-FM has been designed in variable sizes from small to large. Due to the fit characteristics of a mask, it is better for a mask to be a little undersized as opposed to oversized, as long as it fits snugly against the face. We are currently focused on Large and Medium, although small will come soon.

What is the design of the Nano-FM
  • 3-layer hypoallergenic construction:
    • Soft inner lining.
    • Professional-grade nanofiber filtration core.
    • Woven durable outer layer.
  • Shapeable nose bridge.
  • Choices for wearing:
    • Soft elastic ear loops with silicone locks for adjustment.
    • Adjustable head straps for a more secure, long-term fit.
Where was the Nano-FM developed, and where is it being manufactured?

The Nano-FM mask was designed and developed in Falling Waters, WV. It is being manufactured and shipped from within the territorial borders of the continental USA.

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